Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mommy & Son date...

Yesterday I had a great privilege to take H to see Cars2! Every since he was a little guy and the first movie came out, I have been saying that they needed to make a second one. Well, let me just say that it took them long enough. My review... it was great! Full of action and my son loved it! I was afraid that he was getting too big but it seems that he is still in love with Cars.

I got off at 1pm and picked him up. I purchased the tickets before hand so all we had to do was walk right up and go in. Potty first, then concessions, then movie! Me, a $ coke and $ popcorn and H, a blue icee and m&ms. We walked in just as the previews started. By the way, previews are horrible to watch for 20-30 min before the movie even starts. That should be what they play before movie time. H kept asking me it is starting, over and over.

We got out of there a little before 4pm and then went to pick the sisters up and went home for a spaghetti dinner.

Great day!

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