Monday, June 13, 2011


Need I say more?

I feel like someone in our house has strep every couple of months. I am not just talking sore throat strep but full on different symptoms each time strep. One time it was our oldest and the only symptom he had was a belly ache and then he threw up twice. Other times it has been just irritability and not eating much. Today, it was a rash. Only a spotted rash that I knew if she went to school that they would call me to pick her up. So to the doctor we go. Husband took the day off and took her while the other two are at school. She had been hit or miss on the eating and only a very slightly raised temperature. But temperament wise she was really just fine!

The thing is, with twins if one has it then 9/10 the other one will get it. Thankfully we have a doc that understands and will write prescript for both and will also be on call for the third child. Antibiotics all around for our family!

Keeping a positive attitude, at least for now, this too shall pass.

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