Friday, June 10, 2011

A letter to my mom...

It's OK!

I think of you often and pray. I know things are only getting harder right now and they should only be breezy at this stage of life. You have taken on a new role: Caregiver. This is a special one and a new title that God has given you. I will give you advice like you would give me. Pray daily and walk with God, He will lead your steps. Whether you feel it is a right or wrong decision, keep going. It's all part of our destination. Rewards may be in heaven but you will get them, God promises. As you know I often wonder why me for the twins, as you do with your new caregiver position, but God knows and I have realized and believe that I will never know why. One day in heaven I will surely ask though!

Keep a journal daily, even if it is on your new laptop and in your own word documents. It will help. This blog has helped me and just gets things off my chest and I love doing it everyday.

I liked this link... check it out and know that I love you and if you need to talk I am here for YOU!

Love, Your Only Sunshine

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