Wednesday, June 1, 2011


When I was pregnant with my son, things went as normal as could be expected. Except for the cramping in the beginning, I had no morning sickness or any end of pregnancy complications. My only complaint was I was sleepy all the time and I was very swollen by the end and 52lbs heavier. I was still working full time until mid September and hurricane Ivan came through and after about 6 days with no power and being 9 months pregnant I was so over it. I made sure I was able to see the doctor that following Monday because I had missed my appointment and the offices had been closed because of the power outages. I was only about a week shy of my due date and I told the doctor that I just couldn't handle it much longer. He left the room and came back in and asked how Tuesday night sounded. GREAT!!! is what it was! The next night we went to check into the hospital around 8. There was no room in the inn... so we had our last meal as a couple with no children. Arby's was our choice. We went back a couple hours later and we were put in a room that was really a over sized closet. The next morning we were put into a regular room and things were underway. Once I had my epidural, I slept.   So much so that I missed all the pre baby talking that your supposed to do before delivery. All the while, the in laws and my parents talked it up and the men just marveled at the contraption that was monitoring my contractions and couldn't believe that I was sleeping through them. I seem to only have one major issue, which I don't remember, but husband told me that my blood pressure dropped and that they had everyone clear the room to get me stabilized. A little scary to hear about that afterwards. Time came to push and after just 20 minutes of pushing, HE was here! So beautiful and perfect of course! Our first baby was born and our little family had grown by 7lbs 5.5oz 20.5inches.

We had so much to learn from him. Looking back now I wonder how different my life would have been if I had had twins the first pregnancy. But also looking back now I can see that Gods timing was made perfect. I believe that we had some growing up to do first.

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