Monday, April 23, 2012

Successful first weekend...

Well, I think it was anyway. My baby girls are becoming big girls.

Day 5: (completed)
The girls stayed dray all day and only one poo accident. A was going potty when I got there and I asked L but she told me she already went. I get them to the car and as I am putting L into the car seat she says she has to go. I took her back inside, she did her business and then we were able to go. I was so proud of her! J & I and H had a baseball game to go to Friday night so the in laws were going to watch the girls. I was a little apprehensive about this but when we got home at 11pm they were in bed asleep and mil said they were dry all night but only one poo accident.

Day 6: All day Saturday was at home...
L was already wet when I went in their room on Saturday, but A was dry so I took her to the potty. She went and then L came in and went again. Both got their jellybeans! They were dry all through the day and even at nap. When they got up they went potty. That afternoon I took H and we went to the grocery store. We were gone about 2 hours and I got about 3 calls while I was out. L had a p accident outside while playing and a poo accident while outside playing. When I got home and the girls came in. A had a poo accident. Other than that there was success! Dry for the rest of the night!!

Day 7: a complete week...
Today was our first venture out besides home and school. Church! They both woke up dry and went potty and we went again before we left for church. I dressed them in clothes so that if they had an accident that they would be able to change very easily. The girls just moved up last week to a new class so this was another big change. When we got to the church we went right to the potty. A went but L didn't. I told them both to make sure they told the teacher if they had to go potty. I informed the teacher. An hour later before SS was going to start, I went by their classroom to make sure the second teacher knew that they were in big girls pnts. She said that the last teacher was taking them potty right then. I was proud, no accidents! After SS we went to their room where they were playing happily. They stayed dry and even told the teacher if they had to go! She said they listened very well while the story was read. !! I have big girls now !!! Dry throughout nap. I kept asking if they needed to poo but I never had one yesterday. I feel sorry for the teacher today. But they were dry alllll dayyy!! I even took the potty outside while we were playing. They each had a successful pp. P before bed and good night!

Day 8: another new day...
MONDAY!! It has now been a full week. I think I can say that my girls are doing GREAT!!!!!!!
It has definitely gone smoother than I expected, although the first three days were hard, I really think they get it. L woke up crying this morning about 4 am, I took her potty. She p'ed and then went right back to bed. I am not waking them up to p but if they do wake in the middle of the night I want to take them so they know it is OK to do that. They both woke up dry and L p'ed again and A did too. Dry all the way to school. I hope they do well today!

Less laundry would be great and I think we really need to work on the poo issue and we will be doing great!

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