Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On the countdown...

The girls are on the final countdown to their next big birthday!!

Officially today, 4 more months till they turn the big "3"!

Not sure what the party will be like, so I know that will wait till closer to the big day. I am thinking about getting them big girl bikes with training wheels of course, like we did with H. We have been taking walks and they see H riding his bike and they cant understand why they don't have bikes and are starting to dislike being in the wagon. Don't get me wrong, they still ride and enjoy the wagon but they whine at first. Anyway... I am also trying to start jotting down Christmas ideas to get them as I hear/see them, that way I am not at a loss as to what to get for all three.

J went to the doctor yesterday and his blood pressure is still high. Not sure if that is just apprehension about the visit or if really there is an issue. He had no protein in his urine so the doctor said he wasn't going to do medicine at this point. J is still working on his cholesterol. He also asked the doctor about snoring and not getting restful sleep. He suggested that J loose about 20 lbs. I am kinda thankful for this and I hope that he sticks to this because I know that he will fell much better too! I pulled the wagon with the girls, J ran, and H rode his bike yesterday.

H only has six weeks left of school. We got progress reports yesterday and he has all A's. We told him how proud we are of his grades and that he needs to keep it up to be on the honor roll for the next grade period. He has gotten a strike on each of the last two days. I am trying not to get all over him about it, so, I pray he doesn't get a third this week but if he does there will have to be consequences.

Anyway, we are all doing well!

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