Thursday, April 19, 2012

Still on the train...

Day 3:  (completed)
The teacher said the day was better than on Tuesday. Both girls had accidents at nap, so wet bedsheets and blankets were brought home and they both pooped in their pants.
A p'd at the dinner table again, after we asked her and she sat repeatedly. But she gave us a really big p right before bed, it only took us 10-15 min of sitting on the pot. She really wants to keep her panties.
Both did good p right before bed. Both wet their bed sometime in the middle of the night. I guess I am going to have to start getting them up to go potty in the middle.

I think that L gets it, just a stop to go thing now and poo of course. A, I'm not so sure?. But we are not stopping...

Day 4:
When I came out of my room, I could hear L talking, so I missed my window of opportunity. When I went in the room L was standing beside her bed trying to clean her potty spot with her lovie. She got out of bed and wet the floor. A said she was dry so I sent her to the bathroom. She went potty! But since both had wet during the night, we still had both beds to change. No accidents on the way to school. We'll see how school goes...

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