Friday, April 20, 2012


Day 4: (completed)
Today was a good day at school! Both girls stayed dry all day and each only had one poo accident. :)
I am proud of that for sure!!!
When we got home we went to the potty so we could go on a wagon ride. L went right away, but even after several attempts A wouldn't/couldn't go. Both girls were watching out the back door to see dad get the wagon out. A let out a few whimpers and I looked to see her spreading with pee going down her leg. Luckily she was close to the linoleum and we got her on that to clean up. She really didn't like it at all, and I think that is good because she will remember that. They went on their wagon ride and came back. We ate dinner and got baths. Just before bed we took the girls potty. Both p'd like champs! When it came time to go to bed, the girls realized that they could say they had to go potty and they could get out of bed that way. At first we told them they just went and they couldn't get out of bed. After about 10 min, I picked L up out of bed, went straight to our bathroom, and she p'd right away. Just a little though, but still. Then I put her back in bed and took A. She didn't go but was happy she got out of bed. Back to bed she went. Night night!!

Day 5:
Today started off good. I went in to wake them up and I noticed that L had already wet the bed. I saw that A had not. I picked her up and we went straight to the potty. She sat and p'd right away! Big high fives and a jelly bean!! L did not like being wet. She must have just gone because she was soaked! Sometimes I have to remember to not think about the fact that I am touching pp. EWWW...
We stayed dry all the way to school as well.
I think maybe, just maybe they might be catching on. It was good for this momma to see they did well yesterday and I at least had one dry bed that I didn't have to change! :)

TBC...(I cant update again till Monday, but I will do my best to remember it all) This will be the first weekend for us in p@nties so...and the first Sunday at church...Please say big prayers!!!!

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