Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Amazing that this is  my 101 post! AND because we are in potty training 101!!!


It all started on Monday 4/16/12. I am determined to get the girls potty trained so they are able to start a new school for K3 in August. They have to be fully potty trained by the time they start. Four months and counting!

Day 1:
I got up about 30 minutes earlier than I normally do so that I can wake the girls in the morning and take them potty first thing, instead of them just waking up on their own. When I went in to wake them up, I told them that we were going to wear big girl p&nties and that  we needed to go pp in the potty. They both jumped out of bed and we were successful with morning p. Again before we left the house we took them again. I worried that they would wet their car seat on the way to school because that is about 30 minutes in the car. But dry they were when we got there! I was proud. Throughout the day I wondered but I was too scared to call and ask. When I picked them up, I saw A in the front room playing and she had her same clothes on! Amazing. She had p and poo in the potty and did wonderful. L on the other hand, had a p accident and a poo accident. The p went all the way to her shoes. Both stayed dry during nap. I really did expect the accidents because they have been in pull ups for so many months that they are just like diapers for them only they pull up, but no "wet" britches if they p/poo. A successful afternoon as well at home. Both went to the potty before bed and when J and I went to bed the girls were still dry.

Day 2:
We woke the girls up and L was dry and A had wet the bed. We took them both to the potty and they both went p. Again, dry all the way to school. But the day at school was a little different today. Roles reversed...they both had accidents but A wet her bed at nap and both had poo accidents. I got a little discouraged this afternoon because I felt like we took one step forward and two steps backward. That afternoon, L went potty great and A went p at the dinner table in her chair after having sat on the potty a couple time and doing nothing and being asked several times. I put a towel under her and then after dinner we got a bath. Night time was no exception to the day...L had cried out in the middle of the night and at around 2am I went in to check them and they were BOTH wet. When morning came, L went in the potty for her am p and A had already we the bed again. --A load of laundry started!

Day 3:
I was a little worried this morning because A didn't p at home. But we did make it to school dry. They both sat on the potty when we first got to school but neither of them went. I let the teacher know and she said they would take A in about 10 minutes to try again. The teacher also made me feel some better and said that the girls were in a different classroom yesterday and that she thinks that messed them up. She said she will try to keep them on schedule today..... We'll see....TBC...

Had to call mom because this mom was getting discouraged. I know that sounds funny because in reality it is just day two, but yes, I wanted this miracle to happen and that they would just get it! I know that H didn't and that it took a couple weeks, but...Things times two have always seemed so much more difficult. I plan to look for other twin moms stories of potty training and see if I can find hints. We have jelly beans and stickers but sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.

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