Tuesday, April 24, 2012

At what point...

do you say your child is potty trained?

Day 7: (completed)
The girls went into a new big girl classroom and did well. A had no accidents and L only had one p accident. Not sure if they went poo or not, the teacher wasn't there and there wasn't a daily sheet. They stayed dry all afternoon! They are even starting to tell me when they have to go. They both went potty before bed and then once they were in bed they fussed that they had to go potty again. And when L says she has to go, then of course so does A. I don't want to dismiss them so I take them and then make sure they go or don't go and then its right back to bed.

Day 8:
L woke up again at around 3-4 am. I decided not to take her to the potty this time. I just covered her back up and gave her her lovie. We woke them up around 6:15am and they were both dry, to the potty we went. A went right away and L wanted to fuss about it and ended up in Mommy's bathroom to go potty. But she did. While eating breakfast, A told me she had to go again. And boy did she have to go again! So proud of her telling me. I know that the girls didn't poo on Sunday and I am doubtful about Monday, so I will be watching for that. I can remember watching H's too! Love being a mommy :)

I was going to cook fried potatoes on Sunday. I plugged in the fry daddy and J came in to check, since he was outside grilling chicken. He asked me what happened to the lid. My thought was that I took it off and that I set it somewhere. I looked but then noticed that I never took it off. I melted the lid right into the fry daddy! I'm such a good cook! So we had fried potatoes in the skillet. Not as good but still....

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