Monday, April 30, 2012


I think this will be my final potty post. The girls are doing great! I'm not sure I want to say they are fully potty trained but they are potty trained. I think in 3 more months they will most definitely be ready for K3 school. We stuck around at home this weekend and the girls were great all day long. A wet the bed on Friday night to Saturday morning, so last night I decided to get her up around 9pm (when we went to bed) to have her potty. She did great, she went and then I put her back in bed. She was dry in the morning. L had the accident last night so I might try and get her up too at the same time, but she is a little more difficult to deal with when she is asleep/waking up, like her momma!

I decided not to pay the tuition for the old school and go out on faith that the girls will be ready and "fully" trained by 8/13/12. Their director called me today at work and said that there was an opening right now in the lower three's class and that both the girls are the oldest to move up. She only had one spot. She asked if I was OK with separating them or for her to wait. I said that it didn't matter, because in my mind on occasion they are in different rooms anyway and I'm sure as soon as another spot opens they will move the other one. She suggested A to move up because she loves to be in that classroom. I also think this might be good for A and get some independence from L and be a leader not a follower all the time. I also know that this will only be for about 3 more months at the worst case for them being apart. I paid the regular day care bill today and also included their slips that they will not be returning for the fall. We'll see if they say anything.

We have recovered our living room from the kids. All the girls toys have been moved to their room. I put guards on both sides of their doors and on the bathroom door, and a baby gate in H's door. They have free roam of the hallway and their room. Yesterday was the first day and they did a lot of playing in their room or in the hallway with H. Now I have an empty corner!! Of course the bookcase is still in there and so is the easel, but that is all! They did great last night going to bed too. I thought they might keep getting out of bed to go to the toy box, but they didn't. So proud!

L was sick and had strep on Thursday so the streak has been broken. But it was 2/8 the last time so we had a good run of health. I hope this fades fast but L is still complaining about her belly hurting. I called the nurse and she said the antibiotic is strong, just make sure she drinking plenty of fluids and takes it with food. Her last bm was Saturday, so we need to make sure she goes today. She said not to mention it to L but see if she says any more about it and to call her back on Wednesday if she is still complaining.

Between the termite and air condition bill and the potty training, this momma is tired and in dire need of time off! But no rest for the weary...J & I are thinking of taking 5/25 off and going about an hour north to go eat and just be together, not overnight or anything, for our 12th anniversary. We'll see closer to the time, depending on sickness.

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