Thursday, March 29, 2012

I cant believe my ears...

Last night, while sitting in church, J leaned in and told me that he wanted to go to Disn*y again. Of course this was in our plans for the far future, like the girls being over 5! For sure!!  His reason...he couldn't wait to see the girls dress in princess dresses and meet the princesses. A is loving Cinder*lla. We don't have the movie (might have to get this one when I order again), but when any of these movies start she knows that that is her castle at the beginning. J even asked me if we could do the princess breakfast like my niece did this past trip. Wow, a man who wasn't so sure about girls, is now completely obsessed. Taking time for family.

Speaking of family... I hope that H is having a very good time on spring break. He went to his Nana and Papa's house for the week. Things are easier with just two kids over three but sitting around the dinner table is NOT the same and there is definitely something/one missing!!! I know that he is having new adventures and is soaking up the personal one on one time with Nana, Papa, & Memaw! We miss you H and cant wait to see you. The girls ask where you are and when we tell them that you are with n&p they just say OK and move on, but be prepared to get knocked over with hugs when you see them!!!

I got the girls new easter buckets and I am getting vinyl letters made for their names to go on the other side. I was able to find one at T*rget that is somewhat boyish and it is about the same size and was only $5, so I got it and will put his name on his as well.

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