Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Day...

Wowo, seems like things happen so quickly.

The "too many projects" was a common theme last year too. This year follow it! Only one project at a time and find room in the spare bedroom to put your projects instead of the kitchen table. Just an idea.

The getaway will be good for Memaw. I really think she will enjoy getting out but being in a quiet place. Good idea!

We would come on a Friday night for sure because we would want to leave on Saturday morning and come back Sunday afternoon. Nothing much but just to get away and wake up without anything waiting for us to do immediately getting out of bed. Thanks!

Don't worry about the sale stuff. We will work it out. We don't spend much time in there anyway.

The girls did fine this weekend. Even though A had strep, the fever never came back and L was fine as well. No recent complaints of belly aches. They went to school yesterday but A didn't take a nap at all and L only took a 30 minute nap. They have their valentines party today and I got all the valentines done. The heart crayons were fun to make and H got to help. I used the shredder and  used the color scrapbook paper and shredded paper to go into the goodie bags. I also included a mini rice krispy treat. I think the whole thing only cost approx 7 dollars for all three kids... not bad.

H ended last week with a bang. Again broke his record with 9 punches and only 1 strike. I made a deal with him that if he made it through a whole week w/ no strikes then he would go see StarWars 3D with J on a Saturday. Well first day out of the gate, H gets a strike on Monday. Well see how the rest of the week goes. J still wants to give him the reward if he makes good punches and no more strikes. This is where he and I don't agree. I think its because J wants to see the movie just as much or more than H.

Happy Valentines Day to all!!

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