Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Good Holiday...

I had a great weekend and had my day off to myself! I was able to go shopping and have lunch with a friend. It was a good day.

H is complaining of a very sore throat. The nurse called today from school and said he didn't have a temp but he felt warm and he had been complaining/crying since lunch time. J went to get him and I called the on call nurse to see if they would call in an antibiotic because of the girls recent bout of strep or if I need to take him in. Well see...

L & A are doing well and seem to be growing up so much. I can actually have conversations with them now. Its fun to see the changes. A had now started calling L by her full name and not just the nickname. I love to listen to her and the way she pronounces her name is adorable. I love the bond they have, I love that they have each other.

H ended last week on a bad note. He got all three strikes, so basically he was out! He stayed in his room most of the weekend. Then on Monday he got a strike and a punch. One good decision and one bad. The teacher had him move his desk to sit by himself and then at the end of the day he was able to move it back. J said that he was talking to another teacher (one of his patients) and she stated that the school system is too hard on them and is expecting to much of a 1st and 2nd grader. Possibly what could be going on is that when the teacher is teaching something new, he sees it, and gets it and is immediately bored. OR he could just be disobeying. We did not punish him last night. He did the now normal routine and had a shower, eat, homework, chore list and then bed. He was in bed at 7pm last night. The punishment doesn't seem to change anything so not sure if that is the way or not. So for now we have just taken away privileges.

I am having another terrible headache today. Not sure why I am starting to get these things, but they are getting old very fast. I am tired of having them. I still push through but no OTC medication is working. Might have to be a talk with the doctor next visit for sure.

I got some more things cleaned up yesterday. I only have one more corner in my room to clean and that is the CD's. Not sure what I am going to do with those. Most I don't listen too anymore but not sure if I just want to get a big notebook/storage to keep them in and get rid of the cases themselves. That way there would be less to store. That's my idea right now anyway.

The girls will officially be two and a half this Saturday. They are growing so fast now it seems. I look at them and wonder when they grew so tall and started talking in sentences and having conversations. They are also starting to share much better together. Of course they do still have their moments...cat fights...but i see the changes for the better.

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