Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy and sad and just plain mad...

Well, I am all of the above this morning.

I am just sick and tired of L getting up in the middle of the night just to fuss and complain and then to be up again at 5am. Last night she got up around 1 am and it took me being on her floor for 1hour and 30 min to get back to my bed...only for her to be back up at 5am...I was telling her to go to use the potty and I was going to attempt to put her back in her bed, seeing as it was still dark outside. She didn't want to go potty, so I was taking her back to bed. Then she wanted to go potty, but was crying and fussing the whole time, so she teed a little on her pnties. She sat and went and then when I was handing her paper she just kept whining and saying no, she didn't want to wipe. I got her clean pnties to put on and she didn't want that either. So I picked her up, wiped her and tried once again to put the pnties back on. NO go... So I picked her up took her back to her room, put her and her pnties and shorts for her to put on in her bed and I left the room. Yes, she was still crying and fussing but I there was nothing that I could do right for her. I don't know how but A slept through some of this whole debacle. I went back to my room. She continued to cry/whine for about another 10 min and then I noticed it was quite. I didn't hear another thing till about 6:15 when A was at the door saying she had to go ptty. L had pnties on and they had been playing in the room. A had taken her wet pnties off and they were in the floor. But A went to the ptty and p'd her morning p like usual. I just cant take this stuff anymore. I am beyond frustrated. Takes me anywhere from 30 min to an hour to get them to bed, then up again in the middle of the night and then early, early in the morning, and naps are getting shorter and shorter. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO???

L surprised me this morning. We were on our way to school and she has hair rubber band that had broke. She had placed it on her leg and said mom, I have a 'j' on my leg!!! Sure enough it was in the shape of a J. So smart when she wants to be.

I payed all three kids registration this morning for the fall. At least that is taken care of now and off my mind.

I got rid of the ratty pink sandals on Saturday. This morning they wore their k#ds to school and I didn't even hear one fuss about it. Shocked to say the least.

So excited about the beach trip coming up. Have to start saving a little for that. Also excited that the girls will have new swing tops that my mom is going to make for them!! They will love them. (And the red dresses!)

We gave jills girls presents to the mil to forward knowing that she would see them before we would. Anyway, mil had already looked into the present and made the comment to me that they would love them because they love silverware. ??? I don't get why she would look into a present that wasn't even hers? Needless to say, the party didn't happen on Saturday. The daycare called her on Friday because one of the girls had a fever. They still had it on Saturday and so jill called us to let us know and say that she understood if we didn't come. Of course we didn't go, I wont subject the girls to known sickness. Good thing because they still had the fever on Sunday too. Only two weeks into the new day care and they are sick. Now she will understand what day care is really like. Well, maybe I am just dreaming because we know who came to the rescue and it wasn't the girls mom/dad. Mil had suggested we get the girls vacuums. J told her we probably wouldn't and she said that was ok to let her know and she will get them for them. Of course jill posted a picture of the girls/mimi on Saturday playing with their brand new dirt devil play vacuums. Quoted, the best gift ever.

I texted H's teacher for the last time and thanked her for being a good teacher for H. "Thanks for all you did for H this year! This is his mom signing off your text line for the final time. Thanks again for being a great teacher at HES!" She texted me back saying: "Awww!! Thanks so much for all of your support! I am so proud of H. He is so smart. Gifted testing takes place in 2nd grade :). Feel free to text me or call me if you guys need anything! Have a great summer!"
Nice for her to notice the gifted part even when I said nothing about it.

Wow, I am in a mood today, but trying to not let it take control. Pray for me...

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