Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Back again...

I am back again. Seems like I go for a few days doing entries and then just stop, only to pop up again!!

H is out of town this week going to VBS with grandparents. He was with the other set of grandparents last week for VBS as well. Good thing they are different studies. Anyway, he sounded so happy and excited on Monday evening when I spoke with him. I know when his papa gets back from out of town he will have more exciting times too. Although I miss him and can not wait to get my hands on him again this weekend! Love my little man!
He will have art camp next week from 8-12 everyday. I know that he is excited about that. And then a couple weeks after that we will all be at the beach! This summer will be over quickly and H will start 2nd grade and the girls will be in K3 at the same school at their brother! So excited!!!

Speaking of the girls. I'll have you know that I ventured out and put the mattress pads back on the beds with the sheet. L has been completely potty trained for some time now but A was having nightly accidents. Even with going out of town this past weekend she stayed dry. They love their new flower print bed sheet, but I just knew that if I put them on that she would wet. NO, not at all. I was in the shower when they got up and J went and got them out of their room. He said that A was sitting in L's bed when he entered and freaked out. Thinking that twice the wash. He asked her if she was wet and she quickly said no and told him he could check. Sure enough, DRY! This is either the 5 or 6th night in a row!! Maybe!?!?!? We praise it up when she is dry in the morning too! When I went in to check on them later that morning I asked her if she stayed dry, she quickly said yes and pointed to her sheet and said she kept her flowers dry all night! :) Such big girls now!

Water day at school is a great enjoyment for the girls! L is on Thursday and A is on Friday. This is good and bad. Good not all in the same day but bad trying to explain to them why one of them gets to wear the fun stuff/shoes when the other one can't.

Not much else to say right now. Just wanted to get something in on the blog.

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