Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The end...

of school for H is next Thursday. I cannot believe that he will be in second grade next year. I am definitely not old enough to have a second grader. Am I? Lots of new exciting adventures ahead I'm sure. He told me this past weekend that his girlfriend broke up with him. I asked him why and he just shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't know but that was what she did. :)  Love this little boy...

This girls are having their end of the school year party on Friday. Bananas for L's room and yogurt for A's. I really hope they move L up soon because this momma is not sure she likes it. I feel like L is missing out on maturing and learning new things. Its not that they are in different classrooms, its that they are in different grade levels. They usually do end up together by the end of the day, usually on the playground.

I am proud to say that I have no fear in taking the girls anyplace. They are potty trained for sure during the day. No more diaper bag!!! I still keep a change of clothes in the van but I feel so free to be able to not have to carry anything. I actually got to carry my Bible on Sunday! Sad I know but when holding toddlers and bags it was just easier to look at J's. Ptty stops are just a part of the trip now. We go to Walmrt and they will have to go, so we go. The only thing that is frustrating, is taking both of them at the same time. I try if I can to take one at a time but not always the case. But they do good for the most part. They can pull up/down for clothes and they can get on the ptty by themselves to. Of course in a public setting I get them on and off for less touching. But I can honestly say I am proud!!! A is still having a night issue, but did have one dry night on Monday morning. But of course in twin style, L wet. She hasn't figured out she can get up and just go to the ptty. I am at some point going to start setting my alarm clock for midnight or so to get A up to go ptty. I am not sure that is going to help or not, but we wont know until we try. Another theory we were wondering about was if L is waking up earlier because she has to go. But she got up around 3am the other day and so I got her out of bed and took her ptty and put her back in bed. She was still up before 6am. Goodness!!

They are loving their B@rbies in the bathtub too! L is very good at sharing, A not so much.

June 11-15 is VBS, so H will be at the grandparents that week. I wonder how many days they will take him over to the sister n laws house. It seems to be the only place they are ever at. I think that if I find out that they are taking him over there a lot that I will rethink this next year. The whole point is to have him get the full attention for that week. Speaking of snl, her girls started a new daycare on Monday. Not ours of course but another one that is in between grandparents and her. Convenient.
J caught his dad in a lie. Maybe not a lie but still a story. I didn't hear this till after. But J said he came up to him and H and made the comment that he wished he had know about the kids thing in the big city and he would have come up and gotten H. Thinking nothing of it. When we were at lunch with J&C they mentioned that they went and that they saw the grandparents w/ snl & bnl w/ kids. Later when J brought it up, he said that he didn't understand why his dad said anything to begin with why make things up. I also wondered why they didn't even call, even last minute, to invite us out. I guess we just are not flexible enough??? Or maybe its just me. I am doing my best not to even worry about her and I am doing pretty well, but...The big 2 year bday party is coming. No invite yet by mail but yes by mouth to J. She even had the nerve to ask him if he would help drive some train thing that they were going to do at the party. Ugghhh... I told him if he does then he can take all three kids by himself. I am not being left alone there. I wonder how many times it is going to take for him to realize things are not going to change. He secretly wishes that they would have to move...not going to happen.

Sorry this entry was a big run on...

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