Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Twenty-one Months...

My oh my...The girls are 21 months today! I can not believe that only 3 more months and they will be two years old! Where has the time gone? Well, the first year was all about survival of bottles, diapers, pacifiers, and formula. The second year, I can honestly say has been much more relaxed and especially the last half. They are such a blessing and seeing their personality grow and shape is amazing.

I can also see how much  my marriage has grown in these two years. There was a breaking point about three months after the girls were born...a period of time that I do not wish to ever look back on. But in my mind every year that passes is another anniversary that I will personally celebrate because in the following months after that time I grew as a person, mother and wife. I thank my husband for hanging in there with me. Along with my change he also changed. It is amazing what it takes to raise two babies of the exact same age at the exact same time. Teamwork...we had to work together. God knew when he gave us these girls what challenges that we would face and that only with His help we would make it. Our family dynamic has changed but only for the better. Our son gets his individual time as well, this was very important! I love our little family of 5, although I never though I would have three children, I am very blessed.

I pray as my son nears the age of 7 and my girls near the age of 2, that God will guide their steps and ours as we parent them.

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