Thursday, May 26, 2011


You will never know that magnitude of a mothers love and grace until you yourself become a mom. My moms birthday is in just three days and of course is gets overlooked it seems because of Memorial Day and also my anniversary. I always joked with her that that was my gift to her, to get married and move out the weekend of her birthday. So, Mom, if you are reading this -- Happy Birthday.

And ... THANK YOU!

Without you I would be nothing and without your help I wouldn't have survived this journey that I am on. A support system is always vital when going though life. Whether it be friends or family. My mom has been my best friend and my worst enemy (and I say that with love). Through all the ups and downs, she is my one constant!

I have commented in the past that without my husband and our teamwork we would have struggled raising the twins. But I also would be remiss if I didn't mention all the endless hours that my very own mother put in. From weeks before to weeks after the girls were born, she was there! I let her go home about two weeks after the girls were born because I was too proud to admit that I still needed help. Luckily she came back willingly a few days later and recued me all over again! She still comes graciously to help out when they are sick, so that I can go to work. Her love is endless it seems and I have been blessed because of her. My husband often jokes that one of the girls will have twins and that he has no plans to go help because he "already paid his dues". But this mom will go in a heartbeat, because that is a mothers love!

Thank you for the wind beneath my wings!

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