Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My view...

As I sit here at my desk, I get to look at my desktop screen that has a beautiful picture on it. What is that picture of? Of course, my three children. All exceptional and visually different from one another.

I once asked my husband if it bothered him that the girls were not identical, because of course it had been on my mind. When you hear the word twins, you automatically think identical, unless they are boy/girl. With mine being both girls, I often wonder if they will miss out on part of the "twin" thing because they do not look alike. His response to my question was one that will never make me think twice again on this subject. He told me, "no, but if they were, which one would you like them to look like". You see, I really hadn't thought of it that way. My daughters were given to me at the exact same time by God blessing and by God miraculous plan he made them different from each other. I now have two extremely beautiful girl versions of my husband and I in our daughters. I am glad that my girls will have their own identity visually but will also have each other in the bond that only twin sisters have.

My son. Handsome, outgoing, full of love, caring, outspoken, and I can go on and on. Our firstborn and only son. One day we are going to have problems with girls but for now this momma can wait because the only hand I want him to hold is mine! He has a bond with his sisters that just warms this moms heart. He has told us that God answered his prayers when he gave us the girls because he asked for two sisters. He has not missed a moment with them and is always asking to play with them. Since he is now 6 years old and the girls are 21 months, things are getting much easier for him to interact and play with them. His never ending love for them I pray will only grow in the many years to come as they are forever brother and sisters.

My desktop picture is one that captures the pure joy that just radiates from my children. On a early summer Sunday afternoon in the pool. My son is in red swim shorts and the girls in yellow polka dot swimsuits with three rows of ruffles. Pure beauty from them all! 

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