Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Locked out...

This morning was interesting. We are all ready and fixing to load up the van to go drop the kids off at school and me to work. Normally I take A out first and let H & L stay inside the house. This morning though, I took L out first and told H to go ahead and get in the van. Of course I closed the door behind me, unlocked. But when I went to go back in the house to get A, it was LOCKED! I had no keys, no purse, and no phone. A had managed to turn the lock as she was attempting to open the door, twisting the door knob. I tried for a few minutes to explain to her to turn the lock in the middle of the knob. That didn't work. I had to resort to going to the neighbors house, who answered the door brushing her teeth, and ask if I could use her phone to call J who is already at work. J quickly says he will be right there. I go back and still trying to explain to a two year old how to unlock the door. I even tried the plastic card thing, since it was only the knob lock and not the deadbolt. About 15-20 minutes later, J comes to the rescue. A was calm through most but couldn't understand why mommy couldn't hold her through the door. By the end of the lock in A was very upset and very blotchy when she was released from her locked state. J give me a hug and tells me its ok and we will surely get a hid a key by this weekend! Believe it or not, we were actually leaving early therefore, we all got to work and school on time just like regular.

This is going into A's baby book for sure!

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